Pre-Holiday Resignation & News Dump

Buried on page A8 of the Thanksgiving Day issue of the Fort Collins Coloradoan is an AP report about the strategically timed resignation Colorado Senate Democrat Evie Hudak.

In her resignation, Hudak admits that her decision to resign was a loophole exploited to tromp on the will of Coloradoans who almost certainly would have unseated her in a looming recall election.  Perhaps in addition to gun-control laws, the people of Colorado are chapped at the fact that Hudak embarrassed herself by condescendingly and cruelly blowing off the testimony of rape survivor Amanda Collins because she dared to challenge those laws. (A fact that the AP/Coloradoan didn’t think was worth noting).

In her resignation, Hudak wrote that “by resigning, I am protecting these important new laws.”  This is an admission that her massively unpopular gun laws (banning 15 round magazines and increasing background checks) would be overturned were there not a Democrat lock-step voter in the senate seat she would certainly lose if the recall vote occurred.  A Democrat Vacancy Committee will appoint an interim replacement for Hudak who will serve until the November 2014 election, at which point We the People will have a voice.

I guess Ms. Hudak saw the writing on the wall; two of her Democrat colleagues were shellacked in their own recall elections due to the gun laws she sponsored.  These Democrats were defeated despite an avalanche of outside money from the Democracy Defense Fund, the SEIU, the NEA, and the Colorado AFL-CIO—The Coloradoan’s article left this little tidbit out too.  Maybe they, and Ms. Hudak, are hoping that nobody will notice the complete picture since we are all busy with Thanksgiving and family, and if we happen to get around to today’s Coloradoan, the 10 lbs of Black Friday ads will be a moat between the reader and the unfortunate story way back on back on page A8.

Luckily, Charles C.W. Cook at the National Review did some thorough reporting of the pesky facts surrounding the resignation of Ms. Evie Hudak.  Be sure to check out his piece at the National Review for more on this and on the horrific thug tactics used by the Left’s machine during the recall petitioning drives.  Once you read Mr. Cook’s piece, I’m sure you’ll also be looking for the AP and/or Coloradoan story about the smears, intimidation, and general thuggery perpetrated by Michael Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing proponents and their ilk…let’s not hold our breath.

For your visual (dis)pleasure, here are the disgusting door-hangers distributed by anti-recall zealots:

The Corner, National Review
The Corner, National Review

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