Frack On, COGA

The Colorado Oil & Gas Association is suing the cites of Lafayette and Fort Collins over their fracking bans.  The grounds of the suit: banning fracking is illegal in Colorado.

It seems simple enough; Colorado’s Supreme Court has ruled regulations allowing hydraulic fracturing legal, and local laws cannot supersede state laws.  But the greenies pushing this bogus piece of legislation have never met a fact nor embraced a reality that would deter their march towards the land of warm-and-fuzzy-yet-ineffective-feelings.  So it’s no surprise that they are willing to break the law as well.

The most disappointing aspect about all of this, is that the extremists who are trying to ban oil and gas development are fully aware of the truths regarding fracking, but they’ve decided to disseminate lies and misinformation in order to gin up fear and support for their extreme positions.  The same lies and misinformation are gobbled up and regurgitated by the low-info voters and others who are naïve enough to swallow the meme “oil bad, environment good”.

The election banning fracking in city limits may be over, but the issue will endure, so let’s look at a few myths/facts:

MYTH: Fracking is a new practice; we haven’t had enough time to study its implications.

FACT: Fracking has been safely used since 1947.

MYTH Fracking fluid is a mixture of water and secret, proprietary chemicals; we have no idea what the oil and gas industry uses in the fracking fluid or how it might contaminate our drinking water.

FACT:  Colorado law requires that all oil and gas companies publish their fracking ingredients on the public Internet database found at

MYTH: Proposition 2A was about making sure fracking is safe, now that the moratorium is in place, we can get going on studies to determine the potential implications of the drilling practice.

FACT: After 2A passed in Fort Collins, city officials have no plans for any such studies.  Perhaps this is because many studies have already be done, including some by the EPA and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  If any dangers were found, these groups would scream from the rooftops and slam the doors of fracking operations shut post-haste.  Proposition 2A was never about studying anything.

MYTH: Fracking is a drain on our precious and limited water supply.

FACT:  Of all the water use in Colorado, fracking accounts for only 0.1%.

It might feel warm and fuzzy to hate on fracking, but the pesky truth is that oil and gas exploration, and a clean environment are not mutually exclusive.

Fracking is safe.  Banning fracking is illegal.  Frack on, COGA.

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