A Little More Honesty and a Little Less Hypocracy

Mike Taylor, of Longmont Colorado, wrote a letter to the Coloradoan, all up in arms about the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s lawsuit against the cities of Longmont and Fort Collins for their fracking bans.  Well, Mr. Taylor, you were wrong on just about everything.

Here’s my letter in response to Mike Taylor’s shameful drivel, which the Coloradoan did not print:

Mr. Taylor finds COGA’s lawsuit “highly interesting… [COGA’s] Tisha Schuller was quoted saying the votes were symbolic”.  I wonder if he read the statement put out by COGA explaining their lawsuit?  Because it only takes 2 sentences to explain that fracking bans are illegal in Colorado.  The votes were symbolic precisely because they were illegal; COGA’s lawsuit is actually consistent with Ms. Schuller’s statement re. symbolism.

Mr. Taylor also says that COGA uses “massive… monetary resources to be ruler and dictator.”  If environmental groups spend massive monetary resources, do they also want to be dictators?  Campaign money must really bother Mr. Taylor because he later references COGA’s tossing around a “mountain of cash”, perpetuating the meme that oil is big, mean, and so rich that it just tosses mountains of cash around so they can be dictators.  The environmental groups fighting fracking in Colorado had over $30 MILLION dollars.  How about a little more honesty and a little less double standard?


            Mr. Taylor says it’s easy to find scientific reports claiming that fracking is hazardous.  It’s also easy to find Obama’s EPA and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission both saying that no such hazards can be found.

I agree with Mr. Taylor that people have the right to vote their own futures.  However, California voters passed Proposition 8 and a judge overturned it, setting precedent for lawsuits like this. California voters may or may not have got that vote wrong, but a judge overturning it was an eerie creep of judicial legislation.

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