The Coloradoan engages in propaganda, sells-out credibility for Obama.


On Sunday December 8th, the Coloradoan published a fluff article by Sara Gilbert entitled “Investigate options with health-care reform.”  The drivel in this piece is thick; Gilbert states that we should “hope” for improved access to healthcare and be “hopeful” for less people having unaffordable medical expenses.  Also printed is the offensive suggestion that if people can’t afford their new skyrocketing premiums, they should either make more money or spend less money on other expenses.

On Wednesday December 11th, the Coloradoan published another propaganda piece with a headline reading “Nearly 15K Coloradoan sign up for insurance exchange.” Towards the very bottom of the piece, the truth is casually mentioned when it should be highlighted.  This article buffers the administration’s disaster of a website and calamity of a law.

“More people signed up via state exchanges, which generally have had fewer technical glitches than the federal site. The enrollment statistics don’t show how many people who selected exchange plans have purchased them.”

Aparently, a complete absence of security and chronic crashes qualify as “technical glitches,” and Colorado’s having fewer such issues is an accomplishment worth celebrating.  But the biggest example of yellow journalism is the fact that the headline is a calculated and deliberate misdirection.  The enrollment statistics don’t show how many people who selected exchange plans have purchased them, then what the heck does the 15K who selected plans have to do with anything?!  The Obama administration’s disingenuous logic is that if a Realtor shows you a house, you’ve selected to purchase a house, and the Coloradoan agrees.

The Coloradoan is trying to make Obamacare look more successful than it is; they are completely selling-out all credibility to help Obama.  While purporting to be informing their readers, they are actually doing them an incredible disservice AND insulting their intelligence.  The people of northern Colorado should be outraged that they’re being played by a supposedly reliable news source.  Just last Sunday, Coloradoan editor Josh Awtry bragged that “we’re your favorite…source for local news” and we’re “better than ever” at satisfying readers.  What a fraud.

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