I Can’t Even…

Because rational thought is, like, hard-uh.
Because rational thought is, like, hard-uh.

Last night I stumbled upon a lecture broadcast on CSU’s Channel 11. The topic was global climate change, and the presenter appeared to be a guest of the university speaking at the Hilton hotel. As of yet, I haven’t been able to find out his name or find the lecture posted online, but I’m still working on that. I’ll post it here if/when I have it.

The speaker, who for now I’ll call Al Insky, made so many asinine statements in the 10 minutes I could stomach, that I had so shut it off and come here to vent.

Mr. Insky presents a series of slides related to how progress is achieved in this country (and how it isn’t):

1) Grassroots is out, that hasn’t worked since the 1970s. Didn’t the gay marriage movement come about through populism?

2) Free Market Capitalism is out because that hasn’t worked since…ever. Here, Mr. Insky laments how everybody has a crazy uncle at Thanksgiving who just thinks free markets are the solution to everything (awkward audience laughter ensues). Can anybody think of a time, Mr. Insky askes, when unbridled capitalism was successful? Well, how about the private sector creating the iPhone and all things Apple, juxtaposed with the public sector government markets that brought us Obamacare? I’d love to debate this gentleman and challenge him to explain why his assertions aren’t completely backwards. And how civil of him to toss in the notion that only crazy drunk uncles are capitalists—psst…your bubble-living bias is showing…

3) The idea of countries/governments is out, Mr. Insky next asserts. Nation-states, he babbles, are a relatively new phenomenon and are sure to be nothing more that a blip on the radar in our global history. I know a few marines who would disagree with that, not to mention just about every American who doesn’t live on a coast, and even many who do.  But it is very telling that Mr. Insky puts forth the “global community” hypothesis with such nonchalance, this should be noted and remembered by all of us who dismiss the global movement as fringe, because they are determined, well funded, and patient. Our southern border is still not secure, after all.

Twitter, Insky continues, proves that the idea of Nation-states is passé because it’s hashtags that make policy now. And I know of a few hundred Nigerian school girls would disagree with that. I’m not sure how anybody in the audience remained beyond this point. America isn’t going anywhere.

Ten minutes of viewing provided enough low-hanging fruit for any thinking person to reap. This is precisely why we must not let the Tyranical Minority (TM) continue to bully the silent majority. They are broadcasting their intentions for everybody to see; we need to take their hypotheses (threats) seriously if we are going to stop them and their AstroTurf movements.

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