Commons sense reform wins at Thompson Valley School District.  Thompson Education Association loyalists, displeased with both the proposed reforms and the ensuing vote, likened board members in support of the reforms to Hitler and monarch rulers; many booed, jeered and laughed at private citizens who dared to voice dissenting opinions.

A private citizen was violated when a PTA member took a picture of her phone while she was texting her husband; she then proceeded to inaccurately announce to the room that this woman was texting a board member, falsely slandering both the citizen and the board member.

TEA  sympathetic board members claimed that e-mails they received in support of the reforms were from fake addresses, while offering no proof to support the claim.

Crowds outside of the building pounded on the windows in an attempt to disrupt the proceedings.  One attendee reported that even the police keeping the peace at the meeting were aghast at the behavior of the TEA and their supporters.

Read the full report of the event at


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