Who’s your Mayor? Mayor Obama?

Frustrated that the U.S. Congress is standing in the way of his leftward-ho domestic agenda, President Obama is now playing small-ball with America’s mayors.  According to an article by Gregory Korte in the USA Today, Obama is using “soft-power” (I guess the “soft” part is subjective) to persuade locally elected officials to enact his agenda.  Of course, Valeria Jarrett has her hands all over this.

So far, several major American cities have passed minimum wage increases and paid sick leave mandates, completely flaunting the precedent that it’s the states, not national or local governments, who should oversee labor laws and regulations.

This is yet another example of Obama’s MO: stepping over (on) elected officials who act in their constituents interests but against his, rather than leading negotiations and reaching a workable resolution. Two additional examples (there are many) are his refusing to work with Congress on the Iran negotiations, and his releasing terrorists from Gitmo.

I’m still waiting for the “leader of the free world” to demonstrate the leadership that seems to be so elusive to him.  Six years into the presidency, I think it’s well past time to modify leadership expectations.

Now more than ever, it appears we must diligently watch our city councils and mayors.  Go to council meetings and communicate what you learn with neighbors and friends on social media.  Encourage others to inform themselves and engage on the issues of great import.  Tell others what’s at stake!  Don’t let your economic freedoms and personal liberties slip away because “nobody every pays attention to local politics”– be the one who pays attention!

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