Commons sense reform wins at Thompson Valley School District.  Thompson Education Association loyalists, displeased with both the proposed reforms and the ensuing vote, likened board members in support of the reforms to Hitler and monarch rulers; many booed, jeered and laughed at private citizens who dared to voice dissenting opinions. Read More


The teachers unions are in full attack mode. They’re fighting common sense reforms that would bring performance pay for teachers. We should reward the teachers who enable our students to achieve! But some on the Thompson school board are fighting to stop even these modest reforms. Click here to fill out the form telling the Thompson Education Association to stand up to the teacher’s unions!

Defend the taxpayers and the students’ rights to their education; show your support at the school board meeting Wednesday, May 20th 5:00 pm at the Administrative BLDG 800 S. Taft Ave. in Loveland, CO.

See You There!

Recycling…Not So Warm and Fuzzy



The Fort Collins Coloradoan: March 21, 2015: “Your Bin’s Dirty Secret: Market forces, contaminated recyclables cost waste haulers” (print edition) “Dirty recycling costs haulers, and possibly you” (online edition)


After reading the above article a few times, I was not sure how anything within it could be considered “news”. Like the headline suggests, recyclables that are filthy (soaked and crusty pizza boxes) are of no value, and the recyclables market fluctuates to a point that when demand is down, recycle/waste management companies lose money. Groundbreaking, front-page stuff, right?

The author, Sarah Jane Kyle, makes a passing reference to a 20–year-old city ordinance that mandates residents are charged by the size of their garbage bin and not their recycling bin. This mandate, she explains, gives citizens a financial incentive to recycle…YAY! Oddly, though, there is no mention that the City of Fort Collins also mandates via ordinance that cardboard must be recycled. I would think that an environmental reporter writing about the repercussions of “dirty” recycling would mention that such recycling is mandatory, but I never went to J-School. Read More