Stranger than Fiction in the Colorado GOP. That sound you hear the one million Colorado Republicans face-palming

Colorado Republican Party Chair Steve House
Colorado Republican Party Chair Steve House

The last 36 hours have truly been the most bizarre in recent political memory, and that’s saying a lot. On Monday evening, Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffeman and former U.S. Representative and failed gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo executed a failed ambush and extortion plot to oust State Republican Party Chair Steve House. Pueblo County Republican Chair Becky Mizel was also in on the failed coup attempt. She was to be the new State Chair were this asinine coup attempt to succeed.

The brouhaha centered on House’s decision to hire Tyler Hart as his chief of staff and his decision to not tap Ted Harvey as Executive Director of the State Party. House was told he had to resign or he would be both slandered in the media with ginned up rumors about an affair, and be bogged down with frivolous lawsuits.

Apparently, the person in the position of your right-hand-man, closest confidant and top advisor does not get to be selected by you. Because politics. And if you act on your own accord as defined by your own values, your family will be shamed. Is there any wonder why, on God’s great Earth, people are sick and tired of politics as usual? It’s crap like this that has caused so many to be rightly cynical about party politics, and Republican’s especially. [See Thad Cochoran in Mississippi for more of the same.]

The silver lining in all of this is Steve House’s refusal to be bullied, and his courageously identifying the would-be extortionists. Out of the ashes of this mess arises a man who sticks to his principles no matter what, and THAT is what this party needs.

Cynthia Coffman
Cynthia Coffman

I see no scenario in which Cynthia Coffman can recover from this. She’s been watching too much House of Cards and her ill-conceived delusions of grandeur will no doubt be her political undoing. Take note, John Boehner.

The bloggers over at have all of the statements and the timeline details. Please click over there and see their great work on this story. The full statement from Steve House, and the beyond shady shenanigans of Cynthia Coffman are expertly outlined.

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