I Can’t Even…

Because rational thought is, like, hard-uh.
Because rational thought is, like, hard-uh.

Last night I stumbled upon a lecture broadcast on CSU’s Channel 11. The topic was global climate change, and the presenter appeared to be a guest of the university speaking at the Hilton hotel. As of yet, I haven’t been able to find out his name or find the lecture posted online, but I’m still working on that. I’ll post it here if/when I have it.

The speaker, who for now I’ll call Al Insky, made so many asinine statements in the 10 minutes I could stomach, that I had so shut it off and come here to vent.

Mr. Insky presents a series of slides related to how progress is achieved in this country (and how it isn’t): Read More

Federal Overreach, the States, and the Courts


The constitution is wildly out of context in today’s uber-modern world. We have the Internet after all, which the founders could never have foreseen. We don’t need to arm ourselves like the citizen militias of yesteryear– we have law enforcement to protect us! The “archaic, out of context, constitution” is a favorite argument of today’s progressives (and many republicans) who clamor for a more bloated, all-powerful centralized government. The founders’ philosophies are obsolete, the constitution is a living and breathing document, say the progressives. But their hip new ideas are actually just dressed-up regurgitations of old, power grabbing endeavors from as long ago as the late 1700s. Read More